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The Griffith Local Government Area (LGA) remnant vegetation patterns reflect more than a century of land use for agriculture and urbanisation with less than 8% of the region's remnant vegetation remaining. Mapping of the current extent of native vegetation within the Griffith LGA was completed during 2010.

The remaining vegetation exists in pockets throughout the LGA and is degraded with threats including isolation, development, grazing and weed invasion. It is located on rocky ridgelines such as the McPherson's Range, low lying areas such as the riverine floodplain and depressions, wetlands and roadsides.

Over 730 individual flora species and 320 fauna including 240 bird species have been recorded in the Griffith LGA on the online Bionet Atlas of NSW Wildlife. Despite this array, our biodiversity is under constant threat of decline. Thirty five of the species recorded on the database are classified as threatened species.

The Griffith LGA has 11 different remnant vegetation community types, each occurring on lands of differing soils, elevation, aspect and water regimes. Each community is host to a wide array of differing flora and fauna species.

Currently, Council has various programs are underway that will improve biodiversity within the Griffith Local Government Area including community and school tree planting events and the greater use of local native species in our parks and gardens.
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