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Growing Griffith 2030

What is Growing Griffith 2030?

Growing Griffith 2030 is a community strategic plan to capture the vision of the Griffith community and list the key goals we, as a community, would like to achieve.

This important community document is a blueprint for the cooperative management of our city's growth and sustainability.

Growing Griffith 2030 is a statutory planning document that builds on Griffith's past strategic planning processes and documents. The key background documents utilised in developing this plan are:

The Community Strategic Plan will be used by the elected members as a guide to deliver services and form partnerships with State and Federal authorities and agencies, community groups, private corporations and individuals.

The plan is divided into four key themes encompassing civic leadership, environment, development and social issues.
Growing Griffith 2030 is the primary document for our community’s future direction and actions, and will form the basis for the planning and delivery of services by not only Griffith City Council but all agencies working within our community..

What is the Community's role in developing and implementing this plan?

The role of the Community in the development and implementation of Growing Griffith 2030 is critical to the success of the plan. For Griffith to grow, partnerships will need to be developed with and between other organisations. Without these partnerships, the plan will not be effectively implemented. The Community has a very important role in the process by continuing to provide information and opinion into areas and activities it believes it needs. While Council and the elected Councillors have a role in guiding the community through the development of the Growing Griffith 2030 document, this role does not equate to full delivery of all actions.
While the Community Strategic Plan is the highest level plan that a council will prepare, it is not the role of Council to implement all the actions and strategies identified in the plan. The purpose of the plan is to capture the community’s main priorities and identify where its future will be as well as developing strategies and actions to achieve these goals. While Council has a custodial role in the development of Growing Griffith 2030 and will have responsibility for some of the actions listed in the document, it is not wholly responsible for carrying out the tasks listed within the plan. Other partners will include State and Federal government agencies as well as business and community groups.
The role of Council and the Councillors is to take the information provided by the wider community and formulate a meaningful and achievable plan.
Throughout the Integrated Planning and Reporting Process, input and information will be sought from the Griffith community. This information will be gathered through a range of methods including, but not limited to, targeted community consultations, workshops, community events, surveys and one-to-one consultations. It is envisaged that all members of the community - regardless of their gender, age or cultural background - will have the opportunity to provide input on areas in which they are involved and concerned.

What does the Griffith community value?

The people of Griffith place great significance on the friendliness and sense of community that is frequently exhibited by those who live and work within this city. They also value the family orientation of the community as well as its diversity, employment opportunities and the overall environment of Griffith. Our community has identified itself as being generous, supportive, resilient, adventurous, holds strong beliefs, is opportunistic and compassionate. Our community values its diversity, its family orientation, integrity, value for money and quality as well as honesty and opportunity.

What type of community do we want for the future?

The vision most have for the future of Griffith is to live in a community that recognises and celebrates the myriad cultures that enrich the fabric of our society. This community will be one that nurtures itself and its future generations by building on existing employment opportunities as well as expanding local education and health facilities. The overarching aim is to have a happy and healthy community.

How is this going to be achieved?

This vision will be achieved through the implementation of the strategies based on the four core themes of Growing Griffith 2030. Those themes are:
  • Leading by Example - Civic Leadership
  • Growing our City - Development
  • Love our Lifestyle - Lifestyle
  • Valuing our Environment - Environment
These themes are clearly interwoven and impact upon each other. They are the cornerstone for our community’s progress and success. Civic leadership is a key pillar to establishing a sustainable future and as such, is integral to the ongoing prosperity of our community today and into the future.
Please view the Growing Griffith 2030 - Community Strategic Plan [Review November 2012] CURRENT document here:

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This version of our Community Strategic Plan is currently being reviewed in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993. For more information please visit our Your Say Griffith page.

The draft Community Strategic Plan "guiding griffith 2040" is being presented to Council for adoption on 28 February 2017.